Our Story

Spirit Of George was conceived at a time when the Gin renaissance was already in full-swing. 
In 2017, the product founders, David & Ben, 
knew that in order to make any form of impression within the highly competitive gin market that something special needed to be created.

It not only had to taste good, look good but it also needed a great story that tied everything together. Finally, to stand-out and be truly unique David & Ben embarked on a mission 
to ensure that the botanical composition 
actually complimented and was relevant to 
the back story…

Whether he made it or not, his story is soaked in mystery and legend. This gin is made in his honour. George Mallory was born and raised in the village of Mobberley in Cheshire. David & Ben (the makers of Spirit Of George) also live in Mobberley and they are proud to make Spirit Of George in the same village.

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